Haggai Foundation
Strategic Functions and Development Direction

Our Vision

To become one of the prevailing and successful Foundations in the provisions of Human Resource Development to meet our specified goals in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands nations and the world at large.

Our Mission

To provide quality education services with resources to stimulate Human Resource Development to suit our generation with its current environment and development trends to contribute eloquently towards the social, spiritual and economic development of our nation.

Our Goals

Haggai Foundation resolute in providing high quality services for Human Resource Development amongst others. Our Goals include:

  • Being an important development partner with the Government, Developers and other national development institutions to meet Vision 2050 with an emphasis to make plans and determinations with the Supernatural Powers of God’s Kingdom to make the difference.
  • Integral human development for positive living while enhancing knowledge for those striving for their advancement through the promotion of PNG Heritage Books.
  • Foreign investment partnership mediation and collaboration to create a solid economic independence and foundation to absorb all intruding shocks for our sustainability.
  • Support churches in ruin with new initiatives in PNG, the Pacific and the world where convenient with Spiritual development programs to prepare for the end times.
  • Major fund raising programs with housing projects with land for ordinary Papua New Guineans at affordable prices and supporting ordinary people to meet the second pillar of vision 2050.
  • Supporting Law and Justice sector service delivery functions through our Supernatural Power Series books, training and awareness.
  • Supporting the National Planning and Monitoring department through our existing Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement while collaborating with international funding agencies.
  • Training programs, conferences, symposium and high level awareness on major issues.
  • Christian Tourism development in Papua New Guinea covering the four regions.
  • Environment and Conservation with WWF and other agencies.
  • Supporting the widows, orphanage, disabled and homeless with disadvantage people in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and abroad.
  • Promoting sports, music, art and culture, Agriculture, fisheries and climate change support.
  • Supporting women’s development programs promoting gender equality.
  • Becoming a development partner with CDI, Peace Foundation and other NGO groups in Papua New Guinea and the world at large with international development institutions.