Message from the Founder

Haggai Foundation is focused on promoting integral human development through PNG Heritage books linked with other visions for education, health, tourism and the rest. Publishing and distributions comes with special trainings where and when convenient in Papua New Guinea and the global community. We are committed to supporting other programs in our overview accordingly.

Papua New Guinea’s first pillar development policy priority is integral human development. Haggai Foundation through our programs advocates strongly that human efforts will fail in a fallen world. Linking, intertwining and embracing the Supernatural Powers of God’s Kingdom with any secular policies will make much difference in the challenges we face.

Haggai Foundation is a development partner in implementing the Governments Vision 2050 in Papua New Guinea with a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with the Department of National Planning and Monitoring. “Supernatural Powers” that we are promoting remains the only superseding power and product compared to anything in the world. I definitely have no regrets committing much time and resources to sponsor the operations and services of Haggai Foundation as the visions were given to me from afar.

We are doing our best to impart and impact the Supernatural Powers of God’s Kingdom in our generation that is lost and devastated in this fast modern and digital age. We thank you and our partners to continue your valued support for a better life and future. I have only provided the leadership with the vision. PNG Heritage books will truly remain the pride of every Papua New Guinean as the product involved contributions from all four corners and regions of our nation. Please feel free to be part of our team to make the difference in transforming and empowering our people at all levels to make a better world for everyone.

Robert. Kopaol Pal
Founder and Chairman